Is it dangerous to participate in a Bubble Soccer event?

You are essentially wearing a giant air bag, so injuries are rare. We have rules that we encourage all participants to abide by that makes it even safer. The most common injury is a sore stomach from laughing so hard!

Do the bubble soccer balls fit anyone?

The balls we use are the best you can buy. They have adjustable shoulder straps so that they can be customized for players of various heights. The balls weigh approx. 25 lbs (13 kgs) each, so they are most suitable for anyone over age 8

Can the bubble soccer balls be played anywhere?

We recommend securing a gymnasium for best playability. This is the safest surface for the participants and for the equipment. A clean, dry grass surface can be used for outdoor events, however, the balls should not be used in rainy conditions as a safety precaution for the participants.

What are the rules and do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, you MUST sign a waiver before we can release the equipment to you. Everyone participating must fill out a waiver.

The rules and waiver form can be downloaded here!


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